Physical Therapy Session


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MPhty, BSp&ExSc



Master of Physiotherapy (University of Sydney)

Bachelor of Sports & Exercise Science (University of Technology Sydney)

Experience & Expertise

In-depth experience in the handling of gym & sports-related injuries

Well-rounded knowledge and experience in general pain and injuries

More about me!

Growing up I've always been fascinated with the human body, and this passion grew stronger as I started to partake in physical activities such as weight-training and powerlifting in the gym. Through this, I've developed a stronger understanding of human movement, injury management, and injury prevention.

I have been able to carry these experiences over to my studies in Physiotherapy, where I've continued to hone my knowledge whilst training in hospitals and private clinics. I strive to become a well-rounded physiotherapist that can help individuals of all ages to become the best version of themselves. I have a strong hands-on approach in my practice methods where I incorporate manual therapy techniques with exercises to ensure that your experience with physio is holistic in nature. 

Outside of physiotherapy, I personally enjoy spending time with family and friends, and trying different foods from other cultures. I also love going on adventures and exploring hiking spots, training at the gym, and working on sports cars.